Welcome to Nippon Project Management Office (NPMO) Association

Nippon Project Management Office (NPMO) takes active part in Japan aiming to promote Project Management and PMO (Project Management Office) where supports sound diffusion of Project Management.

Our Primary Business

 NPMO is developing the following 4 business in Japan.

  • NPMO Certification System
  • Training・Seminar
  • NPMO Membership System
  • PMO Consulting

Philosophy / Aspiration

「人がつながる。未来へひろがる。」(People connects. Opens the future.)

NPMO is a place those all gathers who are willing to spread Project Management for creating a better future.

By people connecting centered on Project Management, we believe this ideal can become true. 

With these aspirations to the axis, we will perform our daily activities.

Our Core Competence

NPMO has an advantage in eLearning Platform which has no restrictions in time and place.

With Online Education, Qualifying Examination, Certification Issue etc. we offer systems so that more people can receive education and improve knowledge and technics.


Cooperation with Overseas Project Management and PMO Related Organizations

NPMO aims to enhance cooperation with overseas Project Management and PMO related organizations.

We would like to make alliance with sharing NPMO’s eLearning Platform, Education・Training Materials etc.

Please feel free to send inquiries from our Email Form bellow.

Association Data


General Incorporated Association

Nippon Project Management Office Association

(Japanese: 一般社団法人 日本PMO協会)

(Abbreviation: NPMO)


March 4th 2014


Representative Director: Daisuke Ito, PMP, CSM, MBA

1. Qualification System Management, Issuance of Certification, Planning, Drafting, Managing Lectures・Seminars related to Qualification
2. Education-Training・Planning, Drafting and Managing Workshops etc.
3. Consulting
4. Publication
5. Membership Organization Management
6. Educating, Instructing Certified Lecturers
7. Advertising and Publicity・Marketing
8. Recruitment Support
9. System Development, Operation
10. All incidental businesses associated to any of numbered above

〒103-0006 PROXIA GROUP 3F, 6-4 Nihonbashi Tomizawa-cho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.


 TEL:(+81) 050-3631-2610 (NTT-Com IP Phone)

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